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Sitakunda Eco Park Chittagong: A place for Tourism | Ontaheen

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About Janata Bank. After the liberation war of 1971, in order to rebuild the country's economy, measures had been taken to merge a number of banks previously operated in this region and make new banks and this initiatives led to formation of Janata Bank in 1972 by combining the erstwhile United Bank Limited and Union Bank Limited under the Banks Nationalization Order of 1972.

Janata Bank Branch Location in Chittagong

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Bashbaria Sea Beach, Sitakunda, Chittagong [ Complete Travel

Nov 28, 2016 · Sitakunda Eco Park is located about thirty seven kilometers away from Chittaging. Sitakundu Eco Park is target for the visitors. The Sitakundu Eco Park is not only popular for tourism but also as a grand religious place to the Buddhists. There the well-known Chandranath temple and the Buddha temple are located.

A day trip to Sitakunda eco park - Chittagong | Lonely Traveler

Aug 20, 2019 · This video is unavailable. Watch Queue Queue. Watch Queue Queue

Botanical Garden and Eco-Park, Sitakunda - Sitakunda

sesita kunda

May 26, 2011 · Sitakunda Upazila Sitakunda Upazila is an industries-rich Upazila under Chittagong District in the Division of Chittagong, Bangladesh. It is located at 22°37′ North and 91°39.7′ East.

Sitakunda Eco Park Chittagong: A place for Tourism | Ontaheen

Mar 13, 2018 · The natural beauty of Sitakunda, the beautiful scenery of mountainous lake, the picturesque hillside, echo park green forests, eco-parked hillsides, and the beautiful scenery of Lake Hill. A few days back, a new tourist spot has been added to the previous list, and it is the Bansbaria Sea Beach.


The Sitakunda Town has 9 wards divided into 22 mahallas, and a population of 36,650 distributed to 6,914 units of households (average household size 5.3), including 18,662 men and 17,988 women (the male:female ratio is 104:100).

Sitakunda Upazila - Wikipedia

Aug 11, 2016 · Sitakundo upozilla is a source of fascinating beauty. Where on one side has the hill with high elevation and on another side has the estuary of the Bay of Bengal. Between them, there has some little space, where people use to live and do their businesses. The lands of these areas are fertile and full of natural resources.

Sitakunda News/ সীতাকুণ্ডের খবর - Home | Facebook

Sitakunda eco park is located in Sitakunda upazila of Chittagong district. This is only 37 kilometer before the Chittagong district. This eco park was established in 2001 over 800 hectares hilly area. During a hot summer of 2010 we decided to explore the park.

Sitakunda Upazila (সীতাকুন্ড উপজেলা) | Chittagong

May 04, 2015 · Approximately 37 kilometres (23 mi) of railroads stop at six rail stations. Currently, there is no express train service between Sitakunda and Chittagong, though intercity expresses (Sylhet–Chittagong, Chandpur–Chittagong, and Dhaka–Chittagong) stop at Sitakunda station and carry a small share of the commuter traffic load.

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